Denver’s Best Professional Healthy Vending Machine Service Provider

Empower Denver employees with food vending machines, snack vending machines, healthy vending machines, office coffee service, and micro-markets.

From healthy vending machines to well-serviced micro-markets, PGI Services has the solutions to make your Denver break room an asset.

Foster creativity and positive attitudes with better vending machines in Denver.

Design a healthy break room space

With PGI Services, we customize your vending machine, micro-market, and office coffee service options to be just want you need, including healthy and nutritious.

Expert micro-market service to wow Denver employees and inspire meaningful collaboration.

Vending machines in Denver, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs

From healthy vending machines to company paid healthy products, we have the right items for your Denver business break room.

Vending services in Denver, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs

Innovative vending machine service to spark new ideas

Give Denver office coffee service, micro-market, and vending machines a boost with PGI Services.

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Ensure your Denver company is ready for business with vending machines ready to please — PGI Services at 800.580.7266 or