Aurora vending machinesVending Machines You Can Count On in Aurora

Getting the right vending machines for your Aurora business isn’t difficult, it just takes one call to PGI Services. We’re known for our wide selection of vending machines to offer virtually any type of product, from beverage vending machines and food vending machines to coffee vending machines and healthy item vending machines. All vending machines are installed for free, and we’ll fill them with only the products you want. Many of our vending machines feature wireless technologies to let us know which products in your machines need refilling, allowing us to service you better.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Geared for Aurora Businesses

PGI Services has all the latest in brewing technologies to fit your Aurora business, from traditional 3-pot burners to the increasingly popular single-cup machines. Just tell us about your needs and we’ll find the right technology to match. We’ll provide a variety of coffee brands and flavors, not to mention teas, to get your service up and running. When we visit to check on your coffee brewers and restock your coffee/tea supply, we’ll also provide everything you need to support your coffee service and break room, including napkins, plates, filters, cups, creamers, sweeteners, and more.

Have water quality problems at your Aurora facility? What you need is a water filtration service from PGI Services. Our water filtration units, available in both counter top and floor standing models, connect to your water supply to remove impurities that can cause bad taste. After going through the water filter, the result is a better tasting, purified beverage right from the tap, available hot or cold. This is a great addition to any office with an office coffee service or to provide better water as a beverage on its own.

Aurora office coffee serviceAurora Businesses are Ready for Micro-Markets

Ready for a Micro-Market in your Aurora business? Don’t know what a Micro-Market is? Well, that’s when PGI Services comes into your operation and transforms a portion of your break room into a self-sustaining corner store, with attractive displays, racks and coolers. Then we fill the store with a wide variety of items, many not typically found in a traditional vending machine service. The inventory system is completely web based, so not only can you request new items you want added to the store, we’re able to track what items need restocking and service your store more efficiently and effectively. Micro-Markets don’t need people to run the store because the self-checkout kiosks make it unnecessary. Customers simply walk in, select what they want, and handle the transactions themselves. And since the kiosks are always on, the store is always open.

Get started with Aurora’s premiere vending provider today. Call PGI Services at 800-580-7266 or e-mail for more information.