Lakewood vending machinesVending Machine Services for Lakewood Businessesn

No matter what types of vending machines you’re hoping to add to your Lakewood facility, PGI Services can help. We have standard snack and beverage vending machines as well as coffee vending, cold food and healthy food vending machines. Our range of products is unmatched, and we’re willing to cater to special item requests. We’ll even swap in new items from time to time in order to help freshen the selection. We’re not only flexible with the products we provide, but also the vending agreements. Ask about our unique subsidized and free vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Lakewood

Get what your Lakewood employees want to stay fueled and focused throughout the day with an office coffee service from PGI Services. We have the coffee brewers to handle your coffee volume, from traditional by-the-pot brewers to single-cup brewers. We’ll support your coffee equipment with all the coffee and tea brands, flavors and types you could want. We’ll regularly check on your coffee brewers to make sure they’re operating properly. During those same visits, we’re happy to restock your coffee supply as well as your other break room product needs.

Our water filtration services feature a bottleless water filter that connects to your water supply. With our filter installed, better tasting water is as easy to achieve as turning a faucet.

Littleton office coffee serviceLakewood’s Micro-Market Source

A Micro-Market is a unique offering from PGI Services where we transform a portion of your Lakewood office into a self-contained and self-sufficient corner store. We work with you to install attractive displays, racks and coolers, and fill them with hundreds of snacks, foods and beverages. The selection is completely up to you. Contrary to vending machines where you select and pay for items one at a time, with a Micro-Market employees can browse and select as they go. When finished picking the selected items they want, employees can head to the integrated self-checkout kiosks, scan their items and pay with a card. It’s that easy!

Don’t hesitate – contact PGI Services today to get the vending services you deserve. Call 800-580-7266 or e-mail