Lehi vending machinesLehi’s Vending Machine Authority

So you’re thinking of adding snack vending machines, soda vending machines, food vending machines or coffee vending machines to your Lehi office? Then your first call should be to PGI Services. Our vending machines are state-of-the-art, featuring many of the latest in convenience features, such as guaranteed product delivery and remoted inventory monitoring. We also do many things on our end to make sure our services leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Lightspeed technology, for instance, is a sophisticated warehouse picking system that lets us use lighter vehicles, and, thus, less gas.

Get Your Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Lehi

PGI Services has everything you need to provide a high-quality office coffee service right in your Lehi office. We provide the brewing machine to cater to any sized operation, from traditional by-the-pot brewers to single-cup brewers. Single-cup brewers not only allow people to brew their own brand/flavor as needed, but our coffee machines allow for adjusting the brew strength and brew volume. In addition to offering a wide range of coffees and teas, we’ll also regularly restock your break room with stir sticks, napkins, creamers, sweeteners and more.

Does your office water have impurities affecting the taste? Don’t solve it with heavy 5-gallon water jugs. Go with PGI Services’ unique water filters. Connecting to your water supply, these filters – available in counter-top or floor standing units – allow for dispensing purified water right from the tap. It’s much more convenient than other options, and better tasting water, hot or cold, is available with a simple turn of a faucet.

Lehi office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Ready for Install in Lehi

A Micro-Market is something beyond the traditional vending machine service, and PGI Services is installing them in Lehi. We’ll work with your available space to create an open floor plan of racks, displays and coolers filled with hundreds of unique products. Try items like gluten-free chips, a variety of protein-packed dairy products and gourmet salads. Integrated self-checkout kiosks allow employees to not only be the store customers, but also the cashiers. Since the kiosks are always on, the store never needs to be closed. This is great for those employees working odd hours, and it encourages those who need to burn the midnight oil to get a job done.

PGI Services can help you achieve vending excellence. Call 800-580-7266 or e-mail info@PGIservices.com to find out how.