Littleton vending machinesVending Machine Solutions for Littleton

Littleton employees want snacks, beverages and food items to keep them fueled and focused throughout the day. So why not get a vending machine program from PGI Services installed today? We have a variety of vending machines, including traditional types of machines you’ve come to expect, as well as some unique options such as coffee and cold food vending machines. Regardless of what you pick, we’ll fill them with a large variety of products, based solely on your preferences. Vending machines are installed and maintained for free.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Littleton

If you’re for a great tasting cup of coffee for to your Littleton office, start with PGI Services. Our brewing machine options offer the latest in convenience features, from traditional by-the-pot brewers to single-cup machines. Choose from a wide variety of coffees and teas, with several brands, types and flavors to consider. If you’re looking for something to keep your coffee hot after brewing, our airpots are a great solution.

Any water quality issues in your Littleton office can be solved with our water filtration services. Connecting directly to your water supply, these bottleless filters can give you filtered water from the tap. It’s a simple, convenient way to achieve better water for an office coffee service or as a drink on its own.

Littleton office coffee serviceLittleton Has Micro-Markets Available

Demand more from your Littleton vending program with a Micro-Market service from PGI Services. Essentially a mini convenience store installed right in your office, a Micro-Market is the ultimate fringe benefit for your employees. We’ll work with you to install displays and coolers to fit your space, and stock them with a wide array of snacks, foods and beverages. There is something for everyone, and every need, with even entrée options for lunches and dinners. Convenience is maximized with self-checkout kiosks. Employees can pick and choose the items they want, scan them at the kiosks and swipe a form of payment.

Call PGI Services today to achieve a better level of vending. Our number is 800-580-7266 and our e-mail address is