vending machines and water filtration service in MagnaInstalling Vending Machines in Magna

From snack vending machines, to coffee vending machines to machines that vend Coca-Cola, Pepsi or a wide variety of other items, PGI Services is ready to provide exactly what Magna businesses desire. Our vending machines offer the latest in vending technologies, such as the ability to pay with credit card or a mobile device, and wireless inventory monitoring, letting us know what needs restocking before visiting your location. Furthermore, this is a great way to determine what people like in your vending machines, and adjusting the inventory accordingly. All vending machines are provided and installed for free. Ask about our efforts to only select vending equipment that promote reduced energy usage.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Magna Businesses

Want to improve morale and energize productivity for your Magna location? Engage PGI Services’ office coffee program. We provide the brewing machines to best handle any sized operation, and offer the varieties of teas and coffees that people prefer. We’ll regularly check on your coffee equipment and restock your coffee supply. During those same visits, we’re also willing to add other items you may need to keep your break room working in tip-top shape. For instance, if you need stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, filters or anything else you can think of to support your break room, don’t shop for these yourself, just let us provide them.
Many offices have trouble with water quality. That’s why you see so many engaging water delivery services. But if you’re tired of lugging around these bulky five gallon jugs, why not take care of the problem at the source with a water filtration service. Our water filters are available in counter-top and floor standing units, offers a solution for any available space. Once installed, all you need to do is turn the faucet and better tasting water comes right from the tap – hot or cold.

office coffee and micro markets in MagnaMagna Gets Its Micro-Markets from PGI Services

Employees are always looking for ways to stay in the office for snack, lunch and dinner breaks. Make this a simple solution in your Magna office by getting a Micro-Market from PGI Services. We’ll come into your office and choose a space to install a series of racks, displays and coolers to create a mini-convenience store right in your breakroom. Not only does this open-air market make this different than a standard vending machine service, but you can choose from a much wider variety of products, including dairy items, fresh gourmet salads and much more. Furthermore, each market comes with a self-checkout kiosk. So transactions are simple as the customers run items by a scanner and swipe a credit card. Since there’s no need to have someone monitor the store, it can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get the best vending for your money with PGI Services. Call 800-580-7266 or e-mail to get started today.