vending machines and office coffee service in Park CityPark City’s Source for Cutting Edge Vending Machines

What makes a vending service superior is selection, and PGI Services offers more than anyone in Park City. It starts with our wide variety of vending machine. From snack vending machines and beverage vending machines, to food vending machines, coffee vending machines and frozen vending machines, PGI Services has something for every operation. All vending machines are provided for free, and we offer hundreds of items to stock them with. These aren’t standard vending machines, but instead ones that offer the latest in convenience features. Ask about our cashless payment machines that allow people to pay with a card or mobile device. Otherwise, our vending equipment include wireless inventory management, letting us know when your products need restocking, and telling you which products are popular…and which are not.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Available in Park City

Coffee is an important staple for most Park City employees. Rather than counting on your employees to source their own daily cup, think about pairing up with PGI Services to offer this in house. We offer a wide variety of brewing machines, ranging from traditional, by the pot brewers to those that brew by the cup. No matter the size of your operation, we have the coffee brewers to match. Also, our selection of coffees and teas includes all the most popular brands and flavors. Brewers are installed for free, and we’ll regularly check on them while restocking your coffee/teas supply. If you prefer, we’ll also bring other break room essentials, such as stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, plates, napkins and much more.
Take care of your office water quality with a water filtration service from PGI Services. Rather than delivering water, we offer filters that connect right to your water supply and remove impurities before reaching the tap. Now you can have better tasting water, hot or cold, with a simple turn of a faucet.

vending service and micro-markets in Park CityPark City Gets Its Micro-Markets Here

What’s a Micro-Market? This is where PGI Services installs a mini-convenience store right in your Park City location, complete with racks, displays and coolers. Because it’s an open floor plan, there’s more room for products. Furthermore, you can choose from items not typically found in vending machines, such as dairy items, gourmet salads and other fresh, healthy items. Once installed, employees walk into the store, browse the available items, and bring what they want to the self-checkout kiosks. Simply scanning the items and swiping a credit card, and people are ready to enjoy. Also including a security camera system, the stores can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the ultimate way to keep people satisfied and energized, whether they’re working a regular schedule or burning the midnight oil.

Call 800-580-7266 or e-mail today to learn more about PGI Services many offerings, and how we can improve your operation.