Provo vending machinesProvo’s Best Vending Machine Selection

Vending machines are a great addition to any Provo office because they encourage employees to be more productive, and it comes across as a nice fringe benefit. PGI Services offers an array of vending machine types, from snack vending machines and Coke/Pepsi vending machines, to those that vend cold and frozen food items. We even offer coffee vending machines. Our vending machines offer many convenience features, such as credit/debit/mobile payment options and guaranteed product delivery. This is a feature that uses infrared technology in the vending machine to detect if a paid-for product drops or not, and automatically provides a refund in the case it doesn’t. All vending equipment are provided for free, and many incorporate Energy Star technologies to cut down on power consumption.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Fit for Provo Facilities

People run on coffee. So give your Provo employees a boost with an office coffee service from PGI Services. We offer the latest in brewing machine technologies, whether you’re considering a traditional by-the-pot brewer or single-cup machine. Our single-cup brewers not only allow each individual drinker to brew the flavor and type they want at that moment, but they can also adjust water brewing temperature and flavor extraction. Our selection of coffees and teas is unmatched, and we’re willing to accommodate special requests. When we come back to your office to restock your coffee and check on your coffee machines, we can also restock your other break room needs. From stir sticks, napkins and cups to creamers and sweeteners, we have the essentials for any break room need.

If you’re currently struggling with water quality in your office, ask about PGI Services’ water filtration services. Our bottle-less filters connect to your water supply to deliver better tasting, purified water right from the tap. Our water filtration unites are available in counter-top and floor standing units and are the ultimate in convenience. No more putting up with bad water or struggling with 5-gallon jugs. Our systems take care of the problem at the source, and let you enjoy better tasting water – hot or cold – at the simple turn of a faucet.

Provo office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Ready for Provo

Would your people prefer to eat at the Provo office rather than having to run out for snacks, lunch and dinner options? If so, it’s in your best interest for your Provo business to consider a Micro-Market from PGI Services. Rather than vending machines, we install a mini convenience store right in your Provo office, including racks, displays and coolers. We’ll fill your open market with a selection of snacks, beverages and food items you like, including healthier choices. We can remotely monitor transactions at your store, so we always know what needs refilling before visiting your office. Also, the stores feature integrated self-checkout kiosks to put the transactions completely in the hands of the customer. Because you don’t need anyone to run the store, and the kiosks are always on, the store is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employees will appreciate the convenience of having food items available whenever they need them, and you’ll appreciate the extra productivity.

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