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Micro-markets make the break room a benefit to employees

Imagine a place employees can shop for refreshment that is open 24 hours, has hundreds of food, snack, and beverage options, plus is located in workplace. That’s the transformative power of a micro-market.

Micro-markets benefits in Denver and Salt Lake City

Full range of choices

Get all types of refreshment in the micro-market, from crunchy snacks to fresh entrees to cold drinks.

Self-serve micro-markets in Micro-markets benefits in Denver and Salt Lake City

Unique experience

It’s an ideal way to create a one-of-a-kind mini store that is dedicated just to your employees’ needs.

Micro-markets in Denver and Salt Lake City

Custom solution

PGI Services builds each micro-market custom, so personalize yours with certain products and design.

Enrich workplace morale

Make employees happy to work at your Colorado or Utah area business with a culture enhancing micro-market.

Good for your options

Healthy items are incorporated in the micro-markets to empower employees choosing more nutritious eating.

Time saving perk

No more long, off site searches for something quick to eat or drink, thanks to an onsite micro-market.

Self-serve solution

A fast and easy scan and pay system makes the micro-market a convenient benefit for employees.

Micro-markets benefits in Denver and Salt Lake City

Culture enhancing

The open concept and variety in a micro-market create an elevated atmosphere in the workplace.

Automated records

Inventory is automatically counted and deducted in micro-markets, eliminating hand-written records.

Designed for maximum variety

Store-like shelves, racks, and coolers create an open, inviting shopping experience that can be opened 24 hours a day.

A better break room is within reach with a micro-market from PGI Services at 800.580.7266 or info@PGIservices.com.