Freshen up your Colorado Springs or Utah
break room with quality food

Inspire a better company culture

Food vending machine solution experts for companies throughout Colorado Springs and Utah

Don’t force employees to leave work for food. Ensure they have quality options in a food vending machine, from fresh ingredient salads to tantalizing protein based sandwiches.

Fresh food

Taste the difference in PGI Services’ food thanks to preparation with fresh, quality ingredients.

Customized selections

Food selections and recipes chosen to appeal to the tastes of Colorado Springs and Utah residents.

Employee benefit

Provide a better option than fast food with healthy and tasty options right in your break room.


Save employees time and money by providing the best food right in your Colorado Springs or Utah facility.

Highlight fresh food with a micro-market or pantry service

We can customize your food program to be part of an open concept micro-market solution or a company sponsored perk with pantry service.

Get food that impresses Colorado Springs and Utah workers. PGI Services offers the types of best-selling food that is delicious, saves employees time, and is competitively priced. We cater to any need from traditional food vending machines to fresh food focused micro-markets to free food in the break area sponsored by the company.

Genuine food ready to satisfy your needs

We make sure your Colorado Springs or Utah location has the food that keeps productivity and morale high with no cost to you.

Bring in the food experts focused on service — PGI Services at 800.580.7266 and