Ready for anything workplace refreshment committed to Colorado Springs and Utah

Where fast and friendly customer service meets modern machines to deliver today’s top food and beverages.

Rewards Program

Through USConnect, vending machine users can enjoy purchasing rewards.

Corporate Wellness

Set the tone for healthier living at work with nutritious refreshments.


Vending machines that offer combination buys and loyalty rewards.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Veteran know-how combined with a start-ups’ dedication to service.

Customized Selections

Select the ideal combination of traditional healthy vending machine items.

Cashless Vending

Use your mobile device or credit/debit card to conveniently make a purchase.

Proud partners with USConnect

As a USConnect partner, we have access to even more services to make your company culture the type to inspire loyalty and productivity. From the ability to offer promotions on vending machines to services from a dietician ready to answer all your corporate wellness questions, US Connect offers great value to our customers and their employees.

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Providing Convenience Through
Advanced Technology

PGI Services is committed to providing more convenience throughout your Colorado Springs and Utah break rooms. Cashless payments, lightspeed technology and wireless monitoring make it easy for us to deliver high quality service!


Dedicated to the Colorado Springs and Utah area, we strive to exceed your refreshment expectations.

Dedicated to maintaining high standards in vending as part of this elite group of operators
Bringing you promotions, healthy options, and more through this select partnership
We can see exactly what is selling in the vending machines with remote monitoring
Staff trained to take pride in a job well done and serving the customer first
Transform your break room into a positive expression of your company — PGI Services at 800.580.7266 or