Nature’s purest beverage the way it should taste

Water filtration services in Denver, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs

Bringing custom, on-demand water to your Utah and Colorado break rooms with the Bevi!

Less hassles and superior flavor

Enjoy freedom from 5 gallon water jugs while still getting clean, refreshing water for your facility.

PGI Services offers great tasting water without the hassle. Eliminate 5 gallon bottle transport, storage and lifting with plumbed in water filtration services. Our units connect to your water line, running the water through various filters that remove impurities that affect taste. The result is pure, refreshing water that will inspire employees to stay hydrated. Choose a floor standing model or counter-top unit to fit your space. Both offer hot and cold water.


Encourage healthy and active lifestyles in your Colorado Springs and Utah workplace with
pure drinking water and healthy beverages for top-of-the-line performance.

Customize the water station for your floorplan

Bottled water for the sophisticated office environment

Innovative technology with improved water purification, Vivreau® is the ideal choice for Colorado Springs and Utah locations that want to set themselves apart. PGI Service offers the Vivreau as an environmentally friendly on-site water bottling option with advanced micro filtered sparkling and still water in reusable, designer glass bottles.

Environmentally-friendly option
Refillable designer glass bottles
Innovative water purifying system
Sparkling or still water options

Take hydration seriously by offering water the way nature intended, pure, delicious, and refreshing — PGI Services at 800.580.7266 or