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Brew up ideas, productivity, and a better company culture.

Coffee products in Denver and Salt Lake City
Bring Starbucks to you

PGI Services is an authorized distributor for both the trusted Starbucks coffee and branded brewing equipment.

Coffee products in Denver and Salt Lake City
Rival the local coffeeshop

We provide the types of gourmet coffee and specialty drinks that entice employees to stay on site and be creative.

Coffee products in Denver and Salt Lake City
Create a tea bar

Increase your workplace prowess with a line of teas that offer wide ranging health benefits and meet a rising demand.

A gourmet coffee experience your Colorado & Utah
employee deserve

At PGI Services, we are bringing the coffee shop to you! From high-quality specialty coffee, to delicious teas and hot chocolate, we have what your employees want and need!

Single-Cup Service With A Conscious

Divert 95% of single-cup coffee and tea capsule waste from the landfill with EcoCup™ technology. The capsules separate after use so the coffees and teas you love can be composted, the outer plastic recycled, and just the lid and filter thrown away.

Select your ideal mix of office coffee products

From personalized coffee cups to flavored creamers, we offer Colorado and Utah office coffee service customers a unique selection of products.

More names you know

Rest assured that all your favorite coffee and tea brands are available in one place with PGI Services’ office coffee service.

Enjoy an unbeatable selection of coffee products from the experts — PGI Services at 1-800-580-7266 or info@pgiservices.com.