Superior vending options to transform your break room from Colorado to Utah

Completely custom vending

Combine vending options until you get the break room solution your Colorado Springs or Utah business needs.

Thanks to our multiple services, we can offer custom refreshment solutions for your break room as a one-stop shop.

Ensure your company gets the best

With today’s most popular products, modern equipment, and the latest vending technology, PGI Services is the right choice for you.

  • Traditional Vending

  • Modern vending machines with the latest e-payment and wireless technology.

    • Vending machines connected to the cloud 24/7
    • Mobile wallets and credit/debit cards accepted
    • Zero cost to employer for machine or products
    • Fast response time to any service issues

  • Subsidized Vending

  • Partially subside the vending items to enhance the refreshment benefit.

    • Terrific way to encourage healthy snacking
    • Provides convenient grab and go options
    • Drives employee appreciation and improves culture
    • Enables a personalized product selection

  • Free Vending

  • Offer free vending products to employees with easy inventory management.

    • Elevates your location above the competition
    • Keeps staff onsite during coffee and snack breaks
    • Boosts corporate culture and productivity
    • Creates a no-hassle onsite refreshment solution

Let our experts in vending deliver a
better vending service tailored to you.

Optimize your Colorado Springs or Utah break area with custom vending options from PGI Services at 1-800-580-7266 or