Create your ideal coffee one cup at a time

A solution that delivers more choice

Workplaces in Colorado Springs and Utah that have single-cup office coffee service enjoy the flexibility to brew multiple beverages from a single brewer.

Fast and Flavorful

Our single-cup service offers hot drinks available for immediate consumption without lengthy brewing times.

Vast variety

With dozens of single-cup coffee and tea types to choose from, single-cup offers everyone their favorite.

Appreciated perk

Ensure employees and guests feel appreciated and energized with an individual cup of coffee or tea.

Sophisticated brewing

Each single-cup brewer is manufactured to exacting specifications for water brewing temperature and flavor extraction.

Single cup coffee in Denver, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs

Improve your break room culture

See employees enjoying their break room with convenient, single-cup coffee and tea options.

A solution for every occasion

PGI Services offers a number of single-cup coffee brewers to ensure just the right fit for your location.
Office Coffee Service in Salt Lake City & Denver


With our sophisticated bean to cup brewers, delicious coffee is made available right at your fingertips! With machines such as the Virtu de Jong Duke, employees will have the option to choose from a large variety of specialty coffee drinks in their Colorado & Utah breakrooms. Bring the coffee shop to your workplace today!

Gourmet office coffee service in Salt Lake City & Denver


Single cup brewing systems are perfect for large offices! With gourmet machines such as the Flavia Creation 500, employees can brew their favorite coffee, tea, and other hot drinks on demand, in less than a minute. Single cup brewing systems have the ease and flexibility your Colorado and Utah offices want and need!

Water filtration and office coffee service in Salt Lake City & Denver


Liven up your Utah and Colorado break rooms with espresso machines from elite companies such as Nespresso & Lavazza. Both machines are compact and easy to use, while delivering high quality espresso with a single push of a button. Your employees will thank you for the daily pick-me-up!

Take your break room to the next level with personalized single-cup office coffee service from PGI Services at 1-800-580-7266 or