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Bountiful vending machinesBountiful’s Vending Machine Leaders

Adding vending machines to your Bountiful office is a great way to energize employees and improve morale. PGI Services can help you get the right mix of vending machines and products to satisfy any taste. Choose from snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines, food vending machines and much more. Though our selection of products is extensive, if there’s something you want that we don’t have, we’re happy to comply with special requests. Also, our vending machines feature the latest in high tech features, such as credit card readers and mobile payment abilities.

Get an Office Coffee or Water Filtration Service for Your Bountiful Office

Bountiful offices need good coffee. Get it with an office coffee program from PGI Services. We have the brands, types and flavors of coffee that people prefer, and a range of brewers from single-cup units to those that brew by the pot. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your Bountiful office. When you engage our office coffee services, we’ll not only regularly replenish your coffee supply, but also restock your break room supplies. From napkins, stir sticks and cups to creamers and sweeteners, we have what you need so you don’t have to shop for it yourself.
Poor water quality got you down at your Bountiful location? Cheer up with a water filtration service from PGI Services. These filters connect directly to your water supply to remove impurities and provide better water right from the tap. Hot or cold, better tasting water is just the turn of a faucet away.

Bountiful office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Available in Bountiful

Want the most bountiful vending solution for your Bountiful office? Then you want a Micro-Market from PGI Services. This is where we transform a portion of your break room into a mini store, filled with hundreds of snack, beverage and food options. You won’t only find what vending machines typically provide, but more unique products as well, such as gourmet salads, fresh entrees and dairy products. Each Micro-Market includes an integrated self-checkout kiosk. Therefore, employees can walk in, browse the items, select what they want and handle the transactions themselves. It’s a great solution for snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner. And since no one is needed to run the store, it’s accessibly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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