South Jordan vending machinesVending Machine Services for South Jordan

The one choice for quality vending machines in the South Jordan area is PGI Services. We have all the variety in snacks, foods and beverages you could want, backed by the best service in the business. We provide and install all vending machines for free, from snack vending machines, to food vending machines, to coffee vending machines. These are state of the art vending machines featuring unique convenience capabilities like cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and remote monitoring.

South Jordan’s Best Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

PGI Services offers a wide range of professional quality brewing machines to cater to the coffee needs of your South Jordan office. We have traditional by-the-pot brewers to handle any volume need, or single-cup brewers to brew for the individual. Regardless of the types you choose, our coffee machines offer the latest in brewing technology. Our selection of coffees and teas are unmatched, giving your employees the brands and flavors they know and love. We will regularly service and restock your coffee supply. If you prefer, we’ll also provide other needs for your break room, such as napkins, cups, plates, filters and creamers.

Water quality issues in the office can wreak havoc on a coffee service. Rather than going with heavy 5-gallon jugs, go with something simpler – like PGI Services water filter system. Our units, available in counter-top and floor standing models, connect directly to your water supply to deliver better tasting water right from the tap. Whether you need hot or cold water, it’s available at the simple turn of a faucet.

South Jordan office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Designed for South Jordan Offices

Ever wanted to put a convenience store right in your South Jordan office? Now you can with a Micro-Market from PGI Services. Instead of utilizing vending machines, we design an open layout store to fit within your break room space, complete with attractive coolers, racks and displays. You can choose from hundreds of products to fill the store, including items not found in vending machines, such as fresh food items and gourmet salads. Once employees choose which items they want, they simply walk to the integrated self-checkout kiosks and take care of the transaction themselves. There’s nothing more convenient. And since the store can be open 24 hours a day, it’s a great way to keep employees fueled and productive at any time.

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